Vitec MGW Sprint

Vitec MGW Sprint

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MGW Sprint is a professional-grade IPTV appliance running the world's fastest MPEG-4 H.264 HD codec. With 4 milliseconds for encoding and another 4 milliseconds for decoding - MGW Sprint units can stream Full HD 1080p video and audio, point to point or point to multipoint with less than one video frame of delay- practically matching the latency of hard-wired uncompressed video systems.

TurboVideo2™ - Full HD 4:2:2 H.264 zero-delay-codec

MGW Sprint uses VITEC's revolutionary sub one-frame TurboVideo2™ technology for broadcasting H.264 IP streams in unicast or multicast, over wide range of network types, while maintaining superb video quality suitable for any video application. From encoding stationary HD cameras, through real-time distribution of imagery from high-resolution computer graphics applications, to motion-intensive broadcast and ISR video - TurboVideo2™ delivers crisp, details - rich video over IP in unprecedented speed and with no visually noticeable delay.