8Sinn A7S/A7R + Top Handle Pro

8Sinn A7S/A7R + Top Handle Pro

8Sinn A7S/A7R + Top Handle Pro

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Klatka 8Sinn 8Sinn Sony Alpha a7S/a7R Cage + Top Handle Pro do Sony Alpha a7S / a7R. 

Klatki 8Sinn wykonane są z jednego kawałka aluminium!

W zestawie 8Sinn Sony Alpha a7S/a7R Cage + Top Handle Pro: 
  • 1 x klatka do Sony Alpha a7S / a7R
  • 2 x śruba mocująca 1/4"
  • 1 x mocowanie HDMI (Cable clamp)
  • 1 x rączka (Top Handle Pro)
  • 1 x szybkozłączka do raczki (Quick release system)
  • 1 x klucz imbusowy 3mm
  • 1 x klucz imbusowy 4mm
Klatka (wymiary): 149 x 101,40 x 48 mm 
Waga: 178 g
Top Handle Pro (wymiary): 149 x 69 x 68 mm   
Waga: 120 g
Uwaga: Kamera oraz akcesoria do kamery nie są przedmiotem sprzedaży. 

 DETAILS 8Sinn cages are created to make your shooting more enjoyable. This aluminum cage has been specially manufactured for Sony Alpha a7S/a7R. It perfectly adjusts to your camera. 
The thing that makes 8Sinn cages unique is its modern design, light weight, modular structure and ergonomic shape. The cage performance ensures you an easy access to each camera elements as well as a stability during using it. Besides, in easy way you can attach different accessories to the cage. 
Top Handle Pro fits to all cages equipped with 1/4" screw. Essential thing is possibility of handle shifting and quick handle detach from cage without any tools. Besides, it's equipped also with quick release system. It's characterized by ergonomic design and light weight construction. Additionally, it has a cold shoe as well as 1/4"-25 and 3/8"-17 threaded holes.
Set 8SINN Sony Alpha a7S/a7R + Top Handle Pro includes:
  • Cage for Sony Alpha a7S/a7R
  • 2 x 1/4" screw
  • Cable clamp
  • Top Handle Pro
  • Quick release system
  • Hexa key 3mm
  • Hexa key 4mm
Dimensions: Cage: Length: 149 mm; Height: 101,40 mm; Width: 48 mm Top Handle Pro: Length: 149 mm; Height: 69 mm; Width: 68 mm   Weigth:  Cage: 178 g Top Handle Pro: 120 g