Redrock m3 Indie Bundle

Redrock m3 Indie Bundle

Redrock m3 Indie Bundle

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The brand new M3 Indie Bundle is the definitive 35mm lens adapter bundle for achieving remarkable film look with your existing video camera.
The M3 brings together seven years, a handful of prestigious industry awards, and hundreds of iterations into a next-generation product that is simply the best lens adapter available today.
State-of-the-art everything
The M3 is as close as you will get to perfection in a lens adapter, delivering razor sharp images with a beautiful look, wrapped in a rugged professional body and support system.
The m3 Cinema Lens Adapter Indie Bundle Includes:
  • Revolutionary m3 Cinema Lens adaper.
  • Power Supply / Charger.
  • m3 Adjustable Camera Support.
  • 18" iris rod set.