Konwerter szerokokątny 0HD-06WA-EX1

Konwerter szerokokątny 0HD-06WA-EX1

Optyka Schneider Century do kamer EX1 EX1R EX3

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Lightweight and cost effective, the .6X Wide Angle Adapter increases coverage by 40%. This professional optical tool yields a much wider angle of view with extremely low distortion. Recommended non-zoom. Slight vignetting will occur thru the zoom in underscan.
Focusing on the Sony PMW-EX3/EX1/EX1R.
Like all wide adapters, the Century .6X attachment uses the macro feature of the camera to achieve focus. Be sure the macro mode is enabled and the focus gear is engaged to auto focus, rotate ring 180 degrees.
NOTE: The full manual focus mode will not allow the adapter to focus and therefore CANNOT be used in conjunction with wide adapters.