Konwerter szerokokątny fisheye 0HD-FEWA-EX1

Konwerter szerokokątny fisheye 0HD-FEWA-EX1

Optyka Schneider Century do kamer Sony EX1 EX1R EX3

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The broadest fisheye on the market, this eye-popping attachment offers an ultrawide field of view along with pronounced barrel distortion. Employing the highest grade optics, produces 160° HFV (180° at the corners). Rod support recommended.
Add the Fisheye to the front of your lens for a wider angle of view and a remarkable degree of barrel distortion with no vignetting. The Fisheye exaggerates depth, pulling nearby objects closer and causing distant objects to recede into the background. The Fisheye allows for partial zoom—but for the most pronounced effect, you'll want to stay at the wide end of the range.
Schneider highly recommends the use of a 15mm rail support system when using the Century Xtreme Fisheye. Schneider is not liable for any damage caused to the camera, lens, or lens mount when using the Xtreme Fisheye without the 15mm rail support system.