Adaptor szerokokątna fisheye 0HD-FEAD-AG

Adaptor szerokokątna fisheye 0HD-FEAD-AG

Optyka Schneider Century do kamer Panasonic AG-AC130/160/151/171

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Century's Fisheye Adapter produces an extraordinary degree of barrel distortion with a magnification factor of approximately .45X. While extreme telephoto shots tend to flatten the subject against the background, the Fisheye exaggerates depth, pulling nearby objects closer and causing distant objects to recede into the background.
It is a partial zoom attachment, allows zoom capability from wide angle to approximately 75% of the zoom range when using the camera in auto focus mode.
Comes in our popular Bayonet Mount that attaches with a twist to the front of the lens. No vignetting, not even at full wide in underscan.