Blackmagic Desing SmartView Duo

Blackmagic Desing SmartView Duo

Blackmagic Desing SmartView Duo

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Blackmagic Desing SmartView Duo Although you can never have enough monitoring in post production, with live production, you need to monitor every camera so monitoring becomes a big issue. Luckily the ATEM switchers have built in multi view which lets you see all your cameras using a single HDMI or SDI monitor, however with 8 cameras, program and preview all on the same monitor, it can get a little small. To solve this problem, SmartView Duo features 2 large 8 inch LCD screens in a 3 rack unit chassis. Each screen has independent SDI inputs, and we support all the current video formats, even 2K using 3 Gb/s SDI connections. To make settings easy we included ethernet connections so you can adjust all the screens in a video wall from a single laptop. The images on these monitors look stunning, and they make fantastic master control monitoring for all the cameras coming into a live production switcher. I think with SmartView Duo you can turn your production area into ...