Panasonic AG-BS300E

Panasonic AG-BS300E

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Stacja bazowa i adapter Panasonic AG-BS300E (camera system)

AG-BS300 Base Station Adaptor

    Digital signal transmission ensures high-quality, degradation-free images
    The base station and camera adaptor can be separated up to a distance of 328' (100 meters)
    Supports both AC (100 to 240 V) and DC (12V) power supplies
    Includes two SDI (HD/SD) outputs and a composite video output

Camera Studio System
AG-BS300: Base Station
AG-CA300G: Camera Adaptor
AG-EC4G: Extension Control Unit
AG-YA500G: VF Interface Box

This new camera studio system boosts the level of cost-performance for a wide range of P2 HD and
DVCPRO HD camera-recorders. BNC cables transmit degradation-free HD digital images up to 328'
(100 meters). Plus, in addition to giving you full remote control of camera functions and recording, the system supplies power to the camera and provides return images and signals including mic of intercom. The ability to operate with both AC and DC power brings camera extension system recording to a variety of studio and field applications.

Supported Camera-Recorders:

P2 HD: AG-HPX300 series, AG-HPX500 series, AJ-HPX3700, AJ-HPX2700, AJ-HPX3000, AJ-HPX2000/2100