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      Zestaw Miller CX8 Toggle 2 Stage Alloy
      Zestaw Miller CX8 Toggle 2 Stage Alloy

      Zestaw Miller CX8 Toggle 2 Stage Alloy

      13 900,00 zł
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      Zestaw Miller CX8 Toggle 2 Stage Alloy


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        • Compact, uncompromised performance.
        • 75mm ball levelling.
        • Perfect for payloads to 0-12kg (26.4bs).
        • 15+0 CB Plus selectable counterbalance positions.
        • Ergonomically located CB Plus switch.
        • 5+0 selectable positions of fluid pan and tilt drag.
        • Positive selection radial ring controls.
        • 2-stage fast toggle adjustment legs.
        • Durable black anodised alloy tubing.
        • Comes with on ground spreader.
        • Comes with 2-stage tripod bag.
        • 3 year warranty.

        The 3736 CX8 Toggle 2-stage (alloy) tripod system combines CX8 fluid head with cost-effective yet solid 420G Toggle tripod with ground spreader. An ideal tripod system for cinematic and documentary, where the payload and centre of gravity changes frequently due to lens or accessories swapping.

        CX8 is the premium head in the 75mm ball levelling CompassX series. Designed for camera rigs from 0kg to 12kg, with CB plus 16 balance positions and 5 levels of fluid drag, it sets the standard in professional compact camera supports.

        The CX8 is matched with the 2-stage Toggle (alloy) tripod and on ground spreader to yield a large height range 570-1740mm (22.4-68.5"), offer positive toggle leg locks and the stability of a ground spreader.



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