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      Vistitle 2.6 Promo upgrade z 1.x
      Vistitle 2.6 Promo upgrade z 1.x

      Vistitle 2.6 Promo upgrade z 1.x

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      Aktualizacja Vistitle 1.x do wersji 2.6 w pakiecie PROMO z wtyczkami


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        Integrate seamlessly with EDIUS series software. Call abundant title templates from the library rapidly. Drag title template onto the track to apply. Perfectly support real-time clap of subtitle on the timeline. Subtitle Real-time preview during the whole process of title creating and in video output of hardware and real-time linkage with video on NLE timeline are allowed. Every title can be played on EDIUS timeline and there is no need to render it.



         Advanced anti-aliasing and anti-flicker techniques. Adjust the grade freely.
         Unlimited Face, Outline, Shadow, and Depth elements combinations. It is simple to create different styles, such as neon, 3D, multi-outline, multi-shadow, beveled text, etc. 
         All the objects transforms as the geometric shape does. Guarantee title effect to the best.
         Advanced graphics or objects coloring operations, add edge and shadow effect to the graphics or objects.
         Unique GPU dynamic texture option, create gorgeous flowing title effect.    


         Professional user’s interface and modification method. Allow to Undo/Redo all the operations. WYSIWYG.
         Auto snap of objects and text, display alignment guideline of coordinate navigation in editor dialog, and achieve alignment of objects and text rapidly.
         Unlimited object and text groups. Position, scale, rotation, pivot and shearing are still available after grouping.
         Arrange timeline effect and set desired play effect of titles.
         Abundant template library including texture, material, light effect, coloring, image, movie, effect, etc.

         3D space editing. Allow you to change to different 3D views.



         Support various alignment styles and horizontal, vertical, positive, and reverse order arrangement.
         Support title of minority language.
         Support word-by-word property editing in text.
         The text can be deformed and placed according to arbitrary curves.
         More than 50 kinds of GPU acceleration effect including true 3D scrolling, ripple, fragmentation, lens flare, holes, etc.
         Unlimited user-defined in/out effect.
         Various gorgeous lighting effects including light halo effect, stripe light effect, sweep light effect, volume light effect, and image light effect).
         Key-frame effect of 3D camera, allow to push, pull, shake, and pan to create panorama effect.
         All the effects can be animated with key-frame.
         Support to accelerate, decelerate, Erase In/Out changing curve of key-frame values.    
         Provide quick creation method of text rolling.
         Support first/ last screen fade in/out and decelerating or mask rolling.
         Support 3D rolling of key-frameable movie.
         Import/Export of multiple text format.
         Import/Export of SRT file and Avid DS Caption file.
         Set subtitle play style (fade in/out, cut in/out, template effect).
         Multiple editing modes (clapping mode, editing mode, timeline mode), convenient for subtitle to be modified slightly. 
         Stylish subtitle templates.
         Create subtitle template freely with single-line, double-line, and horizontal, vertical, and curving arrangement, applying WYSIWYG alignment styles.

        3D Stereoscopic Effect
         Zero plane and real-time adjustment of sight gap.
         Multiple preview methods of 3D stereoscope title. 
         Support NLE 3D stereo original interface and allow to preview 3D stereoscopic title effect directly in NLE system.

        Extended Plugins
        Magic Composite
        Provide Magic Composite Plugin exclusively. Define composite layers freely and make magic composite effect to meet the requirements of particular image creating.

        Stroke Animation
         Any freehand-curve animation.
         Support the linkage of selected image and freehand curves.

        3D Model
        3D Model plug-in is used for creating 3D objects, such as Sphere with bump map texture, Cube with chartlet on each side, etc. 
         Create common 3D models, including Cubic, Sphere, Cylinder, Pyramid, etc.
         All build-in 3D objects have model control parameters.
         Part of the models can be beveled with adjustable parameters.
         Rendering style of multiple materials (including standard Phone model, reflex material, CD material, concave and convex texture, etc.). Apply freely with key-frame interpolation to create dynamic texture effect.
         Set multiple lights (pointolite or spotlight), position of lights, and controllable parameters to modify via adjusting key-frame.
         Support ambient light with adjustable parameters.
         Double-click to apply the templates from build-in extensible model template library, material template library, and light template library.
         With build-in 3D models and 3D switchable effect library, create 3D objects animation effect.
        Adjust material, light, 3D switch, etc via setting key-frame parameters on timeline. Meanwhile support key-frame adjustment on track and adjustment of key-frame parameters of Bezier objects.
        3D Text
         Apply 3D Text plug-in and convert 2D text to 3D automatically.
         Support playing word by word or line by line of 2D text. 
         Support to apply different materials to face, side, and back of text.
         Support multiple lights.
         Most parameters support to be modified for key-frame animation.

        Text Path Animation
         Arbitrary Cubic Bezier path.
         Text with key-frame set animates along the Bezier curve.
        Image Slide Show
         Can be used to make electronic photo album effect.
         More than ten switching effect templates.

         Support various file format (BMP, JPG, TIF, TGA, etc.)



         Make back shadow, mirror shadow, and slant shadow.
         Make key-frame animation with all the parameters.

        Large Amount of Templates
         Title Template
         Name Template
         3D Title Template
         Full Screen Title Template
         Object Template
         Object Effect Template
         Text Effect Template

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